Nikon D810 Body Only (36.3 Megapixel)

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    The Nikon D810 Body Only is a photographer’s dream come true. This piece of technological brilliance gives you a powerful performance and is very durable. It has a 36.3MP lens and a sensor size of 35.9 x 24mm. You can capture high resolution images and videos, and revel in the detail and stunning clarity that this camera is capable of. It captures videos at a maximum resolution of 1920 x 1080pixels at 60fps in Full HD. It has a monitor that gives you a clear view of the frames your capturing and measures 3.2inch. This TFT LCD screen gives you wide viewing angles and is bright even under the sun. The phone has physical dimensions of 5.8 x 4.9 x 3.3inch and is easy to handle even with small hands. This is one camera that makes everything more beautiful.


    Physical Features


    880 g.

    36.3 Megapixel

    EN-EL15 Lithium-ion Battery

    3.2 inch

    Raising the Bar


    The Nikon D810 has upped the stakes for cameras everywhere. Image quality and dynamic range are now at a whole other level with this brilliant piece of technology. It sports a fresh FX format full frame image sensor and 36.3MP that is devoid of an optical low pass filter. This is combined with the innovative EXPEED 4 image processor to garner great results. So feast your eyes because every picture you capture will now retain flawless detail. Your images will also be clear and noise free from ISO 64 to ISO 12,800. Enjoy a wide dynamic range and let your pictures speak more than just a thousand words. Get the most flattering and well saturated skin tones when clicking people. The camera also helps you attain beautiful wedding albums and other such customized pictures for auspicious occasions. This reveals the true optical brilliance and precision of NIKKOR lenses. Get the best of DSLR image quality with the Nikon D810.

    Made for the Pros


    The wait is over for all those cinematographers, camera operators, multimedia photographers and other such professionals. With the Nikon D810, you can finally take productions to the next level. Introduce this player and watch how it changes the game; be it on TV, video or film sets. The amazing image quality and dynamic range is extended to videos as well. This camera produces 1080p videos that can be recorded at 60/50/30/25/24p in a number of ways. You can record them uncompressed to an external device, compressed to an internal CFSD card, or both at the same time. You can go from dark to light scenes almost instantly with this genius, without having to make adjustments to the iris or frame rate. This major convenience is made possible only because of the ISO Auto Adjust. The power iris control enables you to smoothly change a shot’s depth of field. Shoot footage in a flat picture style for a more enhanced dynamic range and streamlined post production work. This camera even gives you broadcast caliber audio control. With the help of the Nikon D810 and the array of NIKKOR lenses your production will be taken a notch higher.

    The Melting Pot of Speed and Accuracy


    The Nikon D810 gives you a performance that is super speedy and extremely precise. You can shoot videos at 5fps in 5:4 aspect ratio crop mode, at 6fps in 1:2 aspect ratio crop mode, and at 7fps in the DX crop mode. The Advanced Multi-CAM 3500FX AF sensor makes use of 51 focus points and lets you enjoy razor sharp focus and high resolution images. These 51 focus points include 15 cross type sensors of which 11 work all the way to f/8 and also a new Group Area AF. The innovatively designed sequencer mechanism and the Electronic Front Curtain Shutter system are the reason that the internal vibration has been nearly eliminated. That’s not all, this camera even allows you to spot check your focus on the substantial 3.2inch screen by merely zooming in 46x. The display is a 1229k dot display that features an RGBW alignment, as well as monitor highlights, while shooting with zebra striping in the display.

    Freedom and Flexibility


    When you’re with the Nikon D810, you can expand the horizons of your shooting capabilities and extend into the untraditional. This camera is made for the versatile and produces gorgeous star trail images with unlimited continuous shooting. Keep clicking till your battery dies, or your storage space runs out. The Exposure Smoothing features lets you create smooth and even time lapse sequence. This camera retains the detail of both the shadowy as well as the brightly lit areas in the frame of say a stage performance you are shooting. So even if the spotlight is on the vocalist of the band, you will get the drummer, bassist and keyboardist just as clearly with the help of the Highlight weighted Metering. The D810’s pop up flash can be uses as a Commander for the Nikon’s Creative Light System and makes everything a whole lot more convenient for location photographers. You will now be able to save all your files in a 12 bit uncompressed RAW size S format that is half the size of RAW size L. So follow your heart and the Nikon D810 will tag along.

    EXPEED As Advanced As it Gets


    The superior performance that you are accustomed to in a Nikon camera is owing to the EXPEED image processing. Now take this concept and enhance it with the EXPEED 4 design and you’ve got yourself some real magic there. This new design is 30 percent faster and offers 25 percent faster frame rates than its predecessor. It also possesses a wider ISO range of 64 to 12,800 with less noise and fluent gradations, which give you a wide dynamic range.

    Convenience First!


    The Nikon D810 is designed in such a way the you get a deeper and more steady, firm grip. This makes for more stable and comfortable handling even for those with small hands. Presenting to you brighter viewfinder that delivers 100 percent frame coverage so you can enjoy every little detail. It also features a 0.7x magnification as well as the high contrast organic EL information display that makes visibility a lot easier. It features a tough TFT LCD screen and is both scratch and shock resistant. It has a wide viewing angle and improves visibility in bright sunlight. This display features a split screen feature that enables you to monitor two different points of a scene side by side. This helps with ensuring that the shot is properly leveled and focused.

    Rough And Tough


    The Nikon D810 stands tough with magnesium alloy and rigorously tested weather and dust sealing. It has a shutter that has been put to the test with 200,000 cycles, yes; the makers went on a crazy clicking spree. It also delivers a longer battery life and advanced in camera editing. So you can take this genius with you anywhere; it performs just as well on the road as it would in a studio environment.