why woman leave the man they love?


their are many reasons but their are some major reasons the make the woman leave the man they love :

first :They Feel Lonely

Women need to feel like they matter. If they feel like their man isn’t present, there is no point in continuing the relationship. Men tend to detach quickly as they get comfortable and for women, it can get very lonely. Physical presence isn’t everything as women want their partners to be emotionally present as well. A lack of love and attention can cause this feeling of loneliness to grow, which can cause your paths to separate.

second :They’re Not Acknowledged

There isn’t anything more detrimental to a woman than not being acknowledged or listened to when she is speaking. It’s important that she feels like she is being understood, respected, and accepted. Women love to share, and when they’re talking, they want to be listened to and paid attention to. Love is all about communicating, and if a woman doesn’t feel like her presence is being acknowledged with attention and love, she’ll not hold on to her man for much longer.

third : They Don’t Feel Sexy Anymore

It’s no secret that men are creatures of sex, but women are more inclined towards intimacy and foreplay. Women want to be desired completely and not just for sex. They want spontaneity and can be easily bored by routine. They want to be romanced and craved by their men. Men do that, but once they get the women they love, these efforts go away very quickly. However, women want to be desired throughout the relationship if they’re to stay in it.

fourth:A Significant Life Change

If a woman feels like she’s going through a significant life change without the support and presence of her man, she will let go of him. Life changes constantly and women want their partner’s support and constant motivation if they’re to give their all in return. It’s not a lot to ask for and it’s most certainly doable for men, but their selfishness often gets in the way.

fifth:Their Man Is Predictable

Men are very vulnerable to fall into a routine, and most men don’t want to participate in stuff that isn’t about them. Women want a man who is unpredictable and delivers spontaneous moments throughout the course of their relationship. Predictability can very easily lead to growing apart and soon the relationship feels like it is not worth carrying on.

sixth:Their Man Is Absent

Women are very tolerant, but a man who doesn’t give them enough time is very seldom tolerated, and if so, he doesn’t last long. Women want men who are present and by their side most of the time, if not at all times. Being physically as well as emotionally present is all that some women want from their men and not getting it can lead to a change of heart.